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1. Any abuse of the kickstream script will not be tolerated and will result in the offending host AT LEAST losing his/her access to the script. Whippings, shootings and castration may follow.

2. When password changes are necessary, the fact that changes have been made will be posted to the staff list. It is the responsibility of the hosts to contact management to obtain the new passwords in plenty of time before their shows. Not the other way around. You don't ask - you don't get.

3. Any show host giving out passwords to anyone else AT ALL will be dismissed. ONLY management may hand out passwords. Please do NOT play the "guilt trip" on another host because you forgot the stream password or didn't bother to read your emails (see Rule 19 below). THEY will be the one to lose their show.

4. All hosts should make a new promo at least 3 times a year...we want to keep people interested. The same promo for months on end tells the listeners "There's nothing new - it's the same old same old". If you have problems making promos, the please ask on the staff list. There are bound to be people willing to help out.

5. Show Hosts must set "Stream Title/Station Name" on your encoders to
"". Nothing more - nothing less. Please set your "current song/song title" to your show name i.e.:
Showname - LIVE - $combined$
or if you use filenames:
Showname - LIVE - $filename$
These two options being - well - umm - optional !! Please do not forget to put the word LIVE in there somewhere.

6. If you are taking over from another live show, please message the previous show host no later than 5 mins before your show is due to start to arrange the change-over. If you get no reply by 5 mins after your scheduled start time, then it is permitted to kick the previous show to grab the streams.


7. All show hosts are expected to play at least 3 promos for other shows during their shows, unless a dispensation has been given by management e.g. if a show is on more than one network and the other network's rules forbid it..

8. All show hosts MUST play at least 1 Wild Bunch disclaimer during their show. The only time this rule does not apply is the exception to Rule 6 above, in which case the show host should make their own personal disclaimer. For details as to what the disclaimer should include, please refer to a Wild Bunch disclaimer which could be used as a "template" of sorts.

Show hosts are expected to use the station MSN messenger name ( and AIM (wildbunchstudio) during their shows. The only time this rule is waived, is with the prior permission of the management team. You may use your own MSN and AIM names "as well", but not "instead of".

10. (The Famous RULE 10)
VForge must not sing on air (except during his own shows, and even then only after a 10 minute public warning with sirens - oops I mean promo)
10b. Big Bob (EZHelp) must not sing on air, except when Halley's Comet is visable from Earth with the naked eye (This rule added by popular demand !!!).

11. When logging into the station MSN, you must set the screen-name to "! Wild Bunch Radio - SHOWNAME" with the exclamation mark in front (to ensure we appear at the top of the listeners buddy list) and SHOWNAME set to the name of your own show. Listeners on MSN need to see the name of the station first to recognize that it is us - and a LIVE show.

12. Show hosts are responsible for the content of their shows. Show hosts are also responsible for the actions of their guests. Guests breaking rules will be regarded in the same manner as if the show host himself were breaking the rules e.g. If a guest is taking something too far then the show host MUST either cut them off or tell them to shut the fuck up.


13. Show hosts are EXPECTED to upload the recordings of their shows (recorded from the mp3 96k 44.1khz stereo stream) within seven days of their show being on air. This is for your own protection as well as ours, so any disputes regarding content can be resolved easily. If for any reason you have a problem doing this within seven days, please let management know. The shows will also be used for automation unless you have a good reason for them not to be, in which case please contact management.

14. If neccessary (depending on our current licence status) - show hosts who play music on their shows must also supply a "played song list" for legal and licensing reasons. This should consist of Date, Artist, Track name, Album. There are no exceptions to this rule, in other words - NO LISTS - NO SHOWS. If the music you played was "copyright free" then please do not leave it off the list - include it but mark it as being "copyright free".


15. If a show host cannot do his show for any reason, it is expected he/she will inform the staff list at the earliest opportunity, even if after the show would be finished (we like to know you are still alive).

16. If someone is going to cover a show for an absent host, management MUST be informed (via the staff list).

17. Any show host may do an unscheduled show providing:
a. They inform the staff list to check nothing else was scheduled (e.g. stream tests, server maintenance etc.).
b. If a scheduled show is ready to start, they MUST vacate the streams.

18. Any changes to the schedules MUST be OK'd by the management team. Changing show times without authorization is not acceptable.

19. Station management members are expected to check their email at least once per day, unless in hospital, on holiday, or DEAD. (Management must give at least 4 weeks written notice of dying). Non-management show hosts should check their mail at least 3 days per week. When information is posted on the staff list, it is expected that you will have read it BEFORE going on air. Any show hosts NOT reading their emails before their show will be officially branded "Total Morons" or worse.

20. Show hosts wanting to skip shows for more than 4 weeks should not expect their slot to kept open for them, especially if it's a prime time slot. Sorry but we can't have dead air (or even automation) at prime time.

21. When telling a new prospective show host to contact Wild Bunch, PLEASE send an email to the staff list to let us know who will be contacting us. This will save confusion and possible mistaken identity.

22. If a time slot becomes available, and more than one show wants to move to it, the decision who will be given it will be at the discretion of management.

23. IF there is a dispute between broadcasters on the station - they should keep it between THEMSELVES - not post the argument on the STAFF LIST. There is no need for the drama between them to flow over on to the whole station. IF anyone has to be told more than twice to take it private, management will deal with the situation. You can, of course always contact management if it is something that can be settled by us.

24. Wild Bunch Radio cannot accept any show hosts under the age of 18. This is because it is VERY difficult for us to confirm parental consent. Even if we spoke to someone on the telephone, we have no guarantee that they are really the parents (it could just be a 14 year old friend with a deep voice !!). This is to protect the station from any possible legal action by parents of hosts below the legal age of consent.

25. If you get an MSN or AIM or whatever message while on air that begins with "OFF AIR" or "PRIVATE" - do NOT read it out on air.

26. ANYONE "disrespecting management" on the staff or listener lists, solely to cause drama, will have a minimum 1 show suspension. We have no reason to put up with prima donna bullshit ! Complaints or criticisms are ok, but keep it civil.

The Wild Bunch Management Team


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