In Loving Memory
Mystery Tramp
"mystery tramp" aka John Jaczkowski

3rd September 2008

It is with very great sadness and regret that I have to inform our listening audience today that one of our best show hosts, the "mystery tramp" has passed away.
I really don't know where to start with this.
He was a very good friend of mine, and probably Wild Bunch's greatest supporter. He never wanted me to mention this before, but I will mention it now. He was one of the very few who made regular donations to help keep the station going.
He was a staunch supporter of independent musicians as you probably already know, and had a style that could definitely be called his own ! He used to really enjoy broadcasting on Wild Bunch as it gave him the freedom to play what he wanted and say what he wanted - very much in keeping with his entire attitude to life !!

I could go on and on about him for ages, but I don't want to take up too much of your time and this has been very difficult to write.

I will be doing a TRIBUTE show to him for my show on Saturday 6th September 2008 at 5pm EST (10pm BST). Please tell your friends or anyone that knew him or knew of him.

"mystery tramp" aka John Jaczkowski - You will be sorely missed. The world has lost someone very special. Rest in Peace our friend.

All the best

(Station Owner)

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6th September 2008

During the Tribute Show, a song written by James Scott Franklin will be played, performed by The Lost State of Franklin. The song is entitled "Mystery Tramp". Here's what James said about it:

"As a testament to John. You and the family should know that our CD was sent recently for mastering. Mystery Tramp was included as one of the tracks. It was included in the album before he passed away. It is on the album because of his life and not because of his death. This is a testament to what I thought of him."

Click here to view the lyrics. Click here to download the song.


7th September 2008

Hi all.

Last night Ian Baird sent a recordied message to me to play during the Tribute Show. Unfortunately it got quarantined on my mail server and I only found it this morning. I thought I would put it on this page so everyone can listen.

Click here to listen to the message from Ian Baird.

All the best


Tramp at work

3rd September 2008

Dear personal friend, John - my buddy and my respected colleague.

I have a broken heart and a hole in my life left from your unexpected exit from this world. I will always treasure our conversations, jokes and friendship. I am grateful you have been a part of my life and for the gifts you have given Forge and I. I am sitting here staring at the t-shirts and the album and the hand written notes you sent with them. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have met you in person and for the memorable live show the three of us did together here in our studio. Thank you so kindly for the kins-ship Forge and I feel with you. A kindred spirit of sorts. Thank you so much for compliments and the praise you gave and even more so for the kindness and support you gave me at times when I doubted never did doubt me, or my capabilities. You were always my Buddy, my friend and my Champion when I needed you the most. As my personal tribute to you John, my Buddy, my dear friend...I'll never do another show without you in mind.
You told me many times how amazing and remarkable I was...I've never taken that for granted, I never forgot those words and I believe you are the amazing and the remarkable one. You have been so very generous with your works and encouragement, your laughter and you vast knowledge of life's journey...Bless you, for now and always,

Julie and Bart (aka Loopy & VForge)

3rd September 2008

My heart weeps.


3rd September 2008

I am never at a loss for words so much as I am right now. I'll miss being able to chat with you about new bands and will also miss your voice on the air.

Peace be with you.

Mack Danger

3rd September 2008

i took the picture of him with his coffee mug at trixies coffee house.. i remember that night, it was christmastime. there was a benifit concert with my brothers group and various other acts, to benifit a local shelter.
it was a great nite and just one of my many memories of this truely unique and kind person. he will be sorely missed and i will remember him, always!

Nicole Retka

3rd September 2008

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. " -Kahlil Gibran

It was with delight we listened to his wonderful laugh and clever wit. His often times unique vision of the world made us all give thought and comment. He will be sadly missed by family, friends and those of us whose life he touched only briefly perhaps from a small internet radio station. Thanks Wildbunch for giving us the opportunity to share a small part of this special mans life.

Please accept my condolences,

Isme (Karole)

3rd September 2008

John, we have been friends for many years through the BBS days and I will surely miss you very, very much! We have been through thick and thin together and you are always there with a good word, a smile and help. My heart goes out to your daughters and beautiful grandchildren who will not grow up with your fantastic humor and music.
Rest peacefully, my dear friend, you will be sorely missed.

Daisy (Carol)

3rd September 2008

I admired his open mind when it came to music, he was a rocker at heart but still managed to feature my Electronic music, maintaining his love and support for all types of Independent music.

My thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and friends during this rather distressful time.

Chris Wray

3rd September 2008

I met John though MySpace. He was very supportive of my music and I recently did a radio interview with him. John visited New York City two years ago and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with him. I am shocked and saddened that he is no longer with us.

Nick Martin

3rd September 2008

I love you bro,
Until we meet again ... "Spia z Bogiem"

Your big brother,


3rd September 2008

My dear big brother, John aka Mystery Tramp,

No words can describe how much you have added to my life. You will always be with me even though I miss you so much, so very much!

Your sense of humor, your kindness, your smile, your generosity...all of you was a true asset to today's mixed up world! You always made me smile! I remember how you gave both of my grandkids "whoopee" cushions for their first birthdays. They are just beginning to appreciate the fun of them, wish you were here so they could "trick" their Uncle John.

I am sending you a virtual yellow peace rose, your favorite flower. You always brought me peace of mind and now I pray that you will rest in peace...I know you are!

I love you, MT...I miss you...

Your older sister,

aka flossie
aka silverfloss

When we meet again I'll let you beat me in a game of maybe vice versa...since you always seemed to sneak in a great word at the end.

4th September 2008

You were always there when I needed a helping hand...I will always be grateful for your love and generosity.

Love always
your sister


4th September 2008

He was
The proud father
The proud grandfather
The philosopher
The intellectual
The seeker of Truth
The patriot
The rebel with a cause
The wordsmith
The artist
The lover of art
The lover of music
The lover of people
The caring friend
The helping hand
The understanding ear
The thoughtful heart
The generous soul
The loveful spirit
Above all to me,
John will always be my dear brother

I love you, John.And I will never be without you
Thank you for all that you have given us


4th September 2008

John was my teacher about Internet radio. He was my best friend, he was my co-host. He taught me all he knew about the broadcasting work, shared his time, money; and spent more than a few weary days with a computer he called, “evil.” He finally, no- we finally, got it running right. It has not been very long, only a week, since he was here with me, on Sunday morning, and we did a show together. Aug 24th, 2008. He talked about his spiritual ideas during my program. Wildbunchradio had been his home and he was fiercely loyal to it. He helped as often as he could with the bills. He brought his own kind of music to the Internet. Anyone who met him knew he was not like everyone else. He had trouble “fitting in,” as he said. I told him we did not have to fit in- we were ourselves and did things our way. He felt safe to be himself at Wildbunchradio. That is why he loved it. He was fiercely independent. He helped anyone he could. Please remember John as a generous and kind man because he was. Remember he appreciated the differences between others and wanted to just be accepted for what he was. He loved his family and worried about his three daughters. May they find comfort in knowing how much they were loved.

With all my Love,


4th September 2008

Most people would call you my Brother-In-Law which was what you legally are. I would call you my "Friend" first and my bro second. I loved our many conversations and discussions of politics and religion and many other topics. I loved the way you helped raise your 3 daughters because they have turned into loving and beautiful young women. I loved the way you helped my son, Jerry, on your vacation time at his dream building. You were always there for my daughter, Jenny. I loved your jokes which always were very funny and usually had a serious meaning also. I loved the way you ALWAYS helped out anyone in our large family. I will miss you, yes I will. My only consolation is that I know "God" will keep you busy running the radio station listened to by all the Angels!! And if it's not too much trouble since your riding on ahead, stake a claim out for me.

Missing you already,
Your bro,

Jerry Petkash

5th September 2008

Uncle John or as we would joke "The Great" Great Uncle John once my kids were born. I will truly miss you and I love you. I will miss all of your profound thoughts that really made one think. We all Love you.

love your neice

jen nee fur

5th September 2008

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to John`s family and friends.I did not have the pleasure of ever meeting John,but his sister Betty and I work together and I have heard what a great brother and friend he was. I am sure John`s memory will live on for many years!

Rest in peace John

Margie Lyle

5th September 2008

I have just heard the news. I am so saddened. John (mysterytramp) was a good friend to me. He always had something intelligent to say and was very funny. He could always be relied on for help and support. He was always there for his friends and he is loved so much by his friends & family
John's passing has broken a lot of hearts. Including mine.
He is so loved.

Rest in peace mate.
You are so loved b
y all that had the good fortune to have had you in their life.
My heartfelt condolences and sympathys goes out to your loved ones and family.



6th September 2008


You will be missed. Your support of local music and your friendship was a rare thing in this world. It was good to have known you.

Tone & Niche

6th September 2008

Your presence will be greatly missed.


9th September 2008

I just received the news and am still shocked. John, you were so kind and I really appreciated you and still do. Thank you for your friendship.

John Devine and I send love to your family and friends as well.


10th September 2008

This is sudden and very sad.

John was a wonderful person, full of life and inspired. He brought inspiration to others, me definitely included. I always enjoyed seeing him at gigs I was playing on or just hanging out at. He had so much knowledge and insight about music that I always valued his opinions on bands and songs. He shared that knowledge with joy. I think he did well in this world, but I will miss him.

Stuart Tucker (drummer for Jo Serrapere and for the first Lost State of Franklin album)

P.S. Scott, I think that new song of the band's is a magnificent tribute to John.

11th September 2008

My big brother John was a loving & very caring father, husband, brother, uncle & friend. John was understanding, compasionate & the most intelligent individual I've ever met. I miss you so Johnnie!! You were taken from us so suddenly; no chance to say good-bye or we love you. It's hard to speak of you in the past! But my big bro!! We have beautiful memories, so fond & true!! Till we meet again my dear brother, "Spig z Bogiem" I will always remember you & love you for ever!!

Your 'lil' sis